Social Media Predictions 2018

Social Media as Part of Living

The year 2017 is fast ending. It is proper to be prepared for what the next year will bring forth. Social media is now part of every individual’s daily life. People spend a big fraction of their day thinking and interacting in social media platforms. The businesses have a reason to smile because social media made digital marketing simpler and more effective. Social media marketing 2018 is expected to form an even larger platform for digital marketing trends. The advantage of the social media is that it forms a type of advertising that removes much professionalism. Customers love to interact in a less professional way since that way their needs can be better understood.

Marketing Trends

Knowing the top marketing trends 2018 can make the difference in a firm that wishes to be ahead of the rest. A company which reached its customers through Facebook alone should be prepared to make a debut on Instagram. If there is anything to expect in 2018 as far as digital markets are concerned, Instagram is going to have more users. People love videos more than audio and written content. The Instagram videos bring relief to the otherwise boring daily routines. In its fast track, the site has drawn a lot of people by improving socialization.

Instagram Shopping

Shopping tags are going to become a fully-fledged marketing trend on Instagram. Firms will be able to add price tags to their products’ pictures and videos. This feature will be brought into reality by the close affiliation with Shopify. Online shopping has become a habit for many buyers since it is convenient. The advancement in social media marketing is bound to go a notch higher since there is a perceived competition from Pinterest.

Image Recognition

Image recognition will be part of the way to raise the standards of social media marketing. Facebook has already rolled out the system of face recognition and it is going to be borrowed by other social platforms. With the technology, people will be able to identify a brand using the social media. The search results will bring the nearest shops and offers. The companies will have an opportunity to identify the customer preferences using the feature. Clicks and queries from a certain production line may signify that more people are interested in the good. A firm can, therefore, channel more resources to improve the product.

Machine Generated Content

The chatbots could be another significant trend in the social media marketing 2018. Machines can be taught to read comments and respond appropriately to the customer concerns. Chat robots could supplement the human efforts in social media interactions. They have an advantage over humans in that they can save a company’s portfolio when a customer needs a quick reply after office hours. A big percentage of website content will be generated by robots. They will be fed with stories and experiences that customers have had before. With the data, the bots will be able to create relevant content to serve client needs.

Research into the field of robotics has intensified recently. The computers have been utilized and made smarter through interfaces that recognize human emotions. Facebook has already noted as much as 100,000 active robots on its Messenger every month. Many companies are willing to try anything to get more profits and clientele. Being prepared for change will ensure that your firm is not caught unawares. The preparation may be in form of finances or educating employees on some basic robotics. This coming year will have many companies testing robots in their business operations.

The use of Ephemeral Ads

Social media platforms have created ephemeral content which lasts for less than 24 hours before they are removed. Users will be accustomed to seeing brands in 2018 creating more ephemeral advertisements. Everyday advertisements will, therefore, be on the increase. This will be an opportunity for brand improvement since there will be a need to produce new features.
For customers, ephemeral posts will sound more authentic. They are real-time stories and are viewed as of high quality. Customers will rush to enjoy the products and promotions while they last. Businesses that will be consistent in using ephemerals will have higher profitability due to high turnover.

Influencer Marketing

The remaining part of the year should be used to create outstanding relationships. Influencers are going to be the tiebreakers of 2018. Almost any company aspiring to soar high has tapped into an influencer marketing project. The trend is that firms will fight for influencers in their respective niches to gain the attention of potential buyers.

Buyers will need authenticity of brands as advertised by influencers. This means that it is high time for companies to be real in their engagements with influencers. Failure to make quality influencer relations will disqualify the trust that customers have.

Attention Capturing Techniques

The social media offers too much content for the users. The ability of an individual to pay much attention to a post will decline. Unless one brings in something flashy, the customer will simply scroll down the social media page. More brands will need to strategize their ads to ensure that they are attention grabbers. It will, however, require more than catching the attention of a user since the attention span fades. 2018 should see firms producing short but informative clips. The need to design the graphics of media content will be increased.

The Augmentation of Reality

The use of augmented reality (AR) will save one from buying something that is not as useful as they thought it would be. Social media markets will be flooded with AR features as Apple has already preempted in their latest iPhone launches. The idea is to make the customer feel the need to acquire a brand. Social media will be the propeller of AR this coming year.

Digital marketing trends 2018 will continue to revolve around social media. It is a promising field of advertisement. Firms that want to be successful in 2018 should consider making the top marketing trends part of their way forward.